As efforts to improve accessibility for deaf viewers at movie theaters gain steam, awareness of the options available to these viewers is crucial to the goal of achieving universal accessibility for the deaf in every movie theater in the United States. The reality, however, is there is not enough publicity in this regard, potentially undercutting the case for bringing more deaf and hard-of-hearing patrons to movie theaters.

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Netflix — which has had no competition to this point in the online video subscription market — will find its turf invaded by Amazon, Best Buy, Dish Network, even Wal-Mart. Which brings up the burning question for deaf and hard-of-hearing movie customers: will the new entrants in the online video subscription space provide captioning for its offerings?

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I wrote yesterday about FeedFliks, a search engine that, among other things, enables you to search for captioned InstantWatch movies on Netflix — a great benefit for deaf Netflix users who would like to watch instantly streamed movies in captions, but have limited options for searching and viewing them. Since then, Mike Chapman, the creator…

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