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For decades, the Paralympics were perceived in popular consciousness as the forgotten cousin of the Olympics, held in the afterglow of the main event, after the tourists, TV cameras, and journalists have left. Yet if recent trends are any indication, the Paralympics could soon share the same pedestal as the Olympics. Granted, it is more rumor than reality, but not out of the realm of possibility.

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Pinterest is redefining the Internet search experience, and delivers new and lucrative opportunities for businesses to advertise their products and measure consumer attitudes toward these products. From the perspective of someone who writes about marketing and business opportunities in the disabilities market, what does Pinterest mean for people with disabilities?

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Advertising is a powerful medium that influences and redefines culture. Be more inclusive of people with disabilities in advertisements, and this market will not only be culturally engaged, but motivated to contribute with their wallets. Businesses that recognize this early on reap the rewards of including this large demographic – and remain competitive in an U.S. economy that will be weighed down by the pressures of increased Social Security payouts, higher health care expenses, and changing preferences of an increasingly older country.

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