As data about customers and their markets become plentiful and more easily available, Marketing ROI is becoming an increasingly popular tool for assessing the ability of companies to connect with their customers through advertising and brand-building. While Marketing ROI is not the perfect solution to the ever present problem of accurately measuring the impact of advertising campaigns on future sales, it gives marketers and advertisers a certain level of rigor in their evaluation of advertisements.

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Last week, I relaunched my consulting business under the name DrumBeat, with a sharpened focus on analyzing the market for people with disabilities. While I continue to offer services in general marketing strategy and financial analysis for businesses in the disabilities market, my specialty will be marketing research and analytics for businesses that want to do a better job of selling to this growing segment of the U.S. population.

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Raul Krauthausen, a German wheelchair user, has developed an innovative application which enables wheelchair users to locate accessible places, and even report on locations that are not accessible. The application, Wheelmap, is primarily focused on German cities, but includes locations around the world overlaid on a global world map.

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