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As data about customers and their markets become plentiful and more easily available, Marketing ROI is becoming an increasingly popular tool for assessing the ability of companies to connect with their customers through advertising and brand-building. While Marketing ROI is not the perfect solution to the ever present problem of accurately measuring the impact of advertising campaigns on future sales, it gives marketers and advertisers a certain level of rigor in their evaluation of advertisements.

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Last week, I relaunched my consulting business under the name DrumBeat, with a sharpened focus on analyzing the market for people with disabilities. While I continue to offer services in general marketing strategy and financial analysis for businesses in the disabilities market, my specialty will be marketing research and analytics for businesses that want to do a better job of selling to this growing segment of the U.S. population.

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As many of you know, on my Michael Janger Consulting website, I keep a blog titled “DrumBeat,” where I write about the disability market. As of today, DrumBeat is no longer just a blog: “Michael Janger Consulting” is now renamed “DrumBeat Consulting.” And a new web address to match the new name: drumbeatconsulting.com. DrumBeat will…

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – over 20 years old – has left a positive imprint on the state of accessibility in the United States, and yet it has had unintended consequences. As yesterday’s New York Times article tells it, New York City’s small businesses have been hit by lawsuits for violating the ADA,…

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Author’s Note: This article was originally written for Brandchannel. In the wake of the 2009 arrests of 26 people for Video Relay Services (VRS) fraud and their resulting convictions, the Federal Communications Commission implemented procedures for stronger oversight of its Telecommunication Relay Services program for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. VRS and IP Relay operators have,…

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For decades, the Paralympics were perceived in popular consciousness as the forgotten cousin of the Olympics, held in the afterglow of the main event, after the tourists, TV cameras, and journalists have left. Yet if recent trends are any indication, the Paralympics could soon share the same pedestal as the Olympics. Granted, it is more rumor than reality, but not out of the realm of possibility.

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My article about Jewish law barring those “who cannot hear” from having the full rights of a Jew has been published in the Jewish Deaf Resource Center’s blog. The Jewish Deaf Resource Center (JDRC) builds bridges between Jews who are deaf and hard-of-hearing and the individuals and organizations serving the Jewish community throughout North America.

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