Michael Janger Consulting is now DrumBeat Consulting

Logo of DrumBeat, spelled "db"As many of you know, on my Michael Janger Consulting website, I keep a blog titled “DrumBeat,” where I write about the disability market. As of today, DrumBeat is no longer just a blog: “Michael Janger Consulting” is now renamed “DrumBeat Consulting.” And a new web address to match the new name: drumbeatconsulting.com.

DrumBeat will focus on marketing analytics and research for the disability market. I am excited about the new direction of this business and look forward to continuing the work of helping businesses market themselves better to people with disabilities.

All content pages and blog articles from my Michael Janger Consulting website have moved to the new website. My michaeljanger.com address will automatically redirect to the DrumBeat Consulting website, so you can keep either the old address or change your bookmarks.

And last, but not least: DrumBeat is on Twitter and Facebook! Follow @DrumBeatCo on Twitter, and be sure to “like” DrumBeat’s Facebook page.

Many thanks to my friends and colleagues who gave me so much invaluable advice on the direction of my business and the design of the new website.

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions, contact me here.

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