Captions Now Searchable on YouTube

Another reason captioning adds value beyond the deaf and hard-of-hearing market it was intended for: YouTube has announced new and improved capabilities for its captions. In addition to new formats and languages, caption text is now searchable. Type “Frankly my dear, cc” in the YouTube search bar (“cc” filters the search) and see what you come up with!

As I wrote last year, searching for specific movies, TV shows, and other videos is more efficient when caption searchability is included. It takes search to a whole new level, beyond text and images – another feather in the cap for search king Google.

2 Comments on "Captions Now Searchable on YouTube"

  1. I tried your suggestion – typed “frankly my dear cc” and Gone with the Wind came up. I used audio transcribe on YouTube to watch the last minute and a half of the movie. When Rhett spoke his famous last line, the captions that appeared were: “Pregnancy, and I don’t deal with him.” Quite a bit off from “Frankly, my dear ….” What do you think, did I do something wrong when I searched?


    1. Hi Sue,

      The trick is to include a comma: “frankly my dear, cc”. Or after you type “frankly my dear” click on the filter button on the left side, then click on closed-captioned option.

      I’ll say this isn’t the smoothest way to search for captions. YouTube should come up with a more intuitive way to get this done.


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