Legless Fashionistas

A woman with one leg, wearing an Össur prosthetic blade fitted with a Nike sole.This isn’t about high fashion. It’s about athletes with missing legs, and how they keep fit and active with well-designed prosthetic legs and sneakers made by Nike and a leading prosthetics company, Össur. BBC News posted a story about Nike’s commitment to developing running soles for Össur’s prosthetic legs that can stand up to the rigors of running. Taken together, Nike and Össur’s products merge into a beautiful, clean design that also makes a fashion statement.

The most compelling passage in BBC’s article:

For the sportswear companies, there is also the attraction of a big and growing market, and possibly a positive image from being seen to “help” the disabled community.

“We’re the largest visible minority consumer group in North America,” says Kimberley Barreda, an adventure sports enthusiast and double above-knee amputee from Montana.

“We spend $770bn a year.

“I wish companies would turn down the glow of the self-manufactured halo and just admit they have discovered a ridiculously huge untapped market, and they would love a piece of it.”

A different article, from Smart Planet, delves into further detail about Nike’s sole and Össur’s prosthetic.

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