DrumBeat Roundup: January 13, 2012

At the end of the first full workweek of 2012 (last week was a four-day workweek in case anyone noticed), I reviewed the articles on the disability market I came across over the holiday break, and thought I’d share some of the more interesting ones.

Beauty Stocks Are Not Just Skin-Deep

The fortunes of beauty companies rise and fall depending on how their customers feel about themselves and their looks. In many ways, advancing age defines people’s self-perceptions of themselves. And as this generation’s largest population cohort, the baby boomers, hit their 60’s, an interesting phenomenon has occurred: beauty stocks are going up in a market that is still going sideways due to slowing economies, rising debt, and underemployed workers.

Financial Scams Increasing as Baby Boomers Age

Elderly people are historically vulnerable to scammers who look to take advantage of their insecurities and diminished mental faculties. And when this oldest demographic is becoming populated by the large baby boomer cohort, statistics are showing a marked increase in investment fraud. This will result in higher costs for banks, insurance companies, and enforcement agencies.

Canada, Eh!

It’s not only the United States. Canadian baby boomers are influencing the housing market in the Great White North.

Move Your Eye Left, Move Your Eye Right

A great example of how eye-movement technology originally developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities is making it into the mainstream.

An Accessible Speakerphone For People With Mobility Impairments

Plantronics — a well-known handset maker — has come out with a speakerphone that is accessible to phone callers who have mobility issues.

“But We Don’t Have Any Disabled Customers!”

And finally, this is why there is no good business case for waiting until a disabled person asks fo an accessible product, service or accommodation. If businesses do not understand the classic buying behaviors of the 54-million-strong – and growing – market of consumers with disabilities, these people won’t be interested in buying from these businesses.

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