No Joke: Hit “Send” With A Flick of Your Wrist

Today, I came across this fascinating video from Google announcing a revolutionary new feature for its Gmail application. Click on the video below to watch:

Is this real? (Hint: check today’s date.)

Whether you choose to believe this or not, this type of technology will be a reality in the near future, and will be a significant benefit for people with disabilities and elderly people who may have difficulty with keyboards and mouses. Last year, I wrote about the promise of gesture-recognition technology for people with disabilities. There is already eye-tracking software embedded into a prototype laptop today, with commercial applications on the way.

So while we can giggle at this video now, future generations can look back and say this is no April Fool’s joke.

UPDATE (4/2/2011): Now someone has taken a shot at making Gmail Motion a reality, through Kinect. Watch this video clip:

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