UPDATE: FeedFliks: A New Way To Search for Netflix Instant Watch Movies with Captions

I wrote yesterday about FeedFliks, a search engine that, among other things, enables you to search for captioned InstantWatch movies on Netflix — a great benefit for deaf Netflix users who would like to watch instantly streamed movies in captions, but have limited options for searching and viewing them. Since then, Mike Chapman, the creator and editor of the “ncmacasl” InstantWatch captioned database which I also cited yesterday, sent a tweet in response, saying that FeedFliks is not the only automated search engine with the capability of searching for captioned InstantWatch movies. He pointed me to InstantWatcher.com, which apparently does the same job as FeedFliks in searching for captioned instant-streaming movies.  Chapman further said that his own website, at 580+ movies and counting, is still the largest database of captioned InstantWatch movies. An admirable feat, when you consider that he has to manually search for these movies himself (now with some help from the web community).

Thanks, Mike Chapman, for sharing.

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  1. Hey Michael – Nice to see you in LinkedIn and being active like this. I hope things are going well for you… and belated CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage! Diane


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