April Unemployment Rate for People with Disabilities: 15.2%

Earlier this week, I wrote here about the high U.S. unemployment rate among people with disabilities (PwDs) and spelled out some reasons — obvious and not so obvious — for the gap between this rate and the general U.S. unemployment rate.

Today, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the unemployment rate for PwDs in April. The rate: 15.2%, a dramatic increase of 9% from the March rate of 13.9%. During the same period, the general U.S. unemployment rate rose from 9.7% to 9.9% — a much slower rate of increase of 2%.

Without access to specific data explaining the steep increase in the PwD unemployment rate versus the general population, I am refraining from making any conclusions on the disparity in the rate increases.  However, it is safe to assume that the underlying basic causes behind higher unemployment among PwDs, which I wrote about in my original post, can play a major role in accelerating the rate of increase in the PwD unemployment rate.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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